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Financial Planning

Could you benefit from Financial Planning?

Close your eyes, and imagine for a moment- it's one year from now, and you're thinking about your money. You know where every investment account is and how much money you have.You know you're taking actions that will move you in the direction you want to go. You're not scared of making financial decisions because you have a guide who understands your financial situation, who you can call for guidance. You're not anxious that you're missing something important, because you've done the work of reviewing and organizing your entire financial life, you have clearly defined action items, and you have regular check ins to review your progress and make pivots as life unfolds around you.

Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be! If you're ready  to dig in and do the work, this could be your reality. If you work with us on financial planning, we will create a shame-free environment where you can ask all your questions. We won't be shocked that you didn't know something already, or judge you for how you've spent your money or how much debt you have. 

All we ask is that you be open to advice and open to making changes. We promise that every recommendation we make will be rooted in what's important to you, and grounded in our understanding of money and investments. 

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