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Uploading and Syncing

Documents to upload to the Vault in the planning portal:

Please upload the most recent of each of the following:

  • Investment account statements
    • Retirement accounts (including your 401k or other plans through work)
    • Brokerage, stock, mutual fund, ETF accounts
  • Tax return, include W2s, 1099s, and business return(s)
  • Social Security Statement(s) (find those here)
  • Loan information
    • Mortgage statement(s)
    • Student loan statement(s)
    • Car loan statement(s)
    • Credit card statement(s) (especially if balance isn't paid off each month)
  • Insurance information
    • Life insurance policies (include personal and through employer)
    • Disability insurance policies (include personal and through employer)

Please sync the following accounts in the planning portal:

  • Investment accounts, including employer plans such as a 401(k)
  • Checking and saving accounts
  • Loan accounts (mortgage, student loans, car loan, credit card, etc)
  • Do NOT sync your business accounts

You can email Nicole with any questions.

After uploading and syncing, you can schedule a 30 minute information review session here. Zoom is preferred. 😁

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