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Client Service Calendar

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We understand that trying to cover every part of your financial life in a single "annual review" just doesn't cut it.

That's why we're moving towards an annual service schedule where we'll check in with you more often, for more focused conversations. Some of these conversations can happen via email if that's more convenient for you. We also love seeing your face and hearing your voice, so Zoom or in-person are options as well. 

Please keep in mind that this calendar Is designed to make sure all the bases get covered over the course of the year- not to limit you to talking about these topics during these months. 😅


Issues to Consider at the Start of the Year

-Includes a review of what accounts to contribute to-

RMD Issues to Consider (for those of RMD age)


Review Tax Return

Cash Flow Check-In


Reviewing your estate plan

-includes beneficiary review on your accounts-


Investment Account(s) Review

Review Big Picture Goals

Employee Benefit Review


Review your personal insurance coverages

Prepare for open enrollment


Issues to Consider before Year-End

Capital Loss Harvesting (if applicable)

Charitable Giving Planning

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