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Questions We'll Answer through our Planning Process:

Questions We'll Answer through our Planning Process:

    • Am I on track based on what I'm already doing?

    • I'm new to investing, where do I even start? 

    • How can I align my money with my personal values?

    • How do I prioritize competing financial goals?

    • What kind of insurance is right for me?

    • I want to buy a house, how do I do that?

  • What can I do to protect my money, both now and in the future?

  • Am I missing anything important?

Our planning fees vary based on complexity, here are a few samples of other people's situations to give you an idea of what you may expect to pay:

<strong>Sarah and John</strong>

Sarah and John

Sarah and John are married, have no children, and are planning to buy a home in the next 1-3 years. Their net worth is well under $1,000,000 and their combined household income is under $150,000. They are both W-2 employees, and have 401k's through work. They are wanting help with balancing their goals of buying a home while funding retirement and paying down their remaining student loans. Sarah and John would likely pay $2,000 for their plan. 

<strong>Kelly and Susan</strong>

Kelly and Susan

Kelly and Susan are married and have three children. Their net worth is around $3,000,000 and their income is around $200,000, including income from the rental property that they own. They would like to know if they are on track to retire in 1-3 years and want to minimize taxes in retirement. They also want to make sure their wealth goes to each other when one passes, then to their children when they're both gone, but in a way that protects the family legacy from events such as divorce or bankruptcy the children may face. They will likely pay $5,000 for their plan.



Jennifer was widowed ten years ago and retired just last year. She lives in Washington state where she owns her home, and also owns a second home in Arizona. She helps care for her mother and is expecting to inherit a family trust when her mother passes. She did very well in real estate, both through helping clients buy and sell homes, and through her own personal real estate investments. Her current net worth (including real estate, retirement accounts, and stocks) is just over $8,000,000. Her annual income between a pension survivor benefit, Social Security, rental income, and withdrawals from investment accounts, is right around $350,000.

She has always managed her own investments, but is getting nervous as she watches her mother's cognitive abilities decline. With no biological children to care for her in her old age, she needs help planning for her own long-term care needs, and wants to find creative and tax-efficient ways to contribute to causes she cares about while she is alive, without risking her own financial security. Her financial plan will likely cost around $10,000 and will likely include the Advance Planning Team at LPL.

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