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You're good at what you do, and have learned to juggle multiple responsibilities and roles. As a heart-centered financial planning firm, Money Maven Financial is dedicated to helping you create a customized plan to tailor your finances to your dream life. We'll help you create and implement a plan that reflects not only your financial status, but your personal values, and what's important to you. 

Whether you're a bit embarrassed about where you're at right now, or are just looking for a decision making and planning partner, we've got you! And we think that getting to work with female financial advisor will make the experience that much more approachable.

Financial Planning Service Levels

Financial Planning Service Levels

The Essentials Planning Level is designed for individuals who have straightforward situations and not too many moving parts. An example would be a young person trying to balance student loan payments with saving for a house, while contributing to their 401(k)s. Another example could be a couple approaching retirement, who own their own home, have steady income, and are basically wanting to make sure they're on the right track to retire when they want to.

The Comprehensive Planning Level is designed for more complicated situations, or where there are more moving parts. Examples could include individuals who have multiple income streams, are self-employed, own multiple real estate properties, or are considering moving to or partially residing in another state. Another example could be someone who is evaluating their pension options, Social Security filing strategies, Roth conversions, or any other big life changes. 

We also offer custom pricing for indviduals looking for help with a specific planning concern, or who want a one-time snaphsot plan without ongoing support.


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