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Our Mission

Our mission at Money Maven Financial is to empower women to master their money. We believe that understanding and healing our relationship with money is just as important as learning about the stock market- perhaps even more so.

We aim to create a shame-free space to engage with money and to move forward. Whether it's starting to save for the first time, logging into your 401k through your job, tackling your debt, or learning to trust your intuition- we're here to help! 

We offer one-on-one investment management and financial planning services, as well as "one-to-many" education through classes, workshops, articles, and blogs. 

We are a female-led, female focused firm, but do take on male clients. 

Money Maven: a woman who has mastered her money, who understands it and uses it as a tool to support her values, and inspires other women to do the same

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